Watching movies with custom popcorn boxes is easier

Watching movies with custom popcorn boxes is easier

It is time we all opt for the custom popcorn boxes instead of cones to watch movies without worrying about spilling. I love popcorns but, I hate carrying cones into the theatre rooms. I can’t put it on my lap and enjoy my movie. But with custom popcorn boxes, one does not have to face such problems. Individuals all over the world love to snack on popcorns when watching movies. Companies have developed local favorite flavors in popcorns to cater to the tastebuds of their customers. Today, popcorns are available in countless flavors, some of which include;

  1. Aged White Cheddar and Hatch Green Chile
  2. Birthday Cake
  3. Black Raspberry
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Dill pickle
  6. Eggnog brandy
  7. Gin and Tonic
  8. Ginger bread caramel crisp
  9. Maple bacon
  10. Mince and pie
  11. Sea salt
  12. Shirley Temple Popcorn
  13. Spiced Almond Caramel
  14. Sweet and Spicy
  15. Wasabi ginger
  16. White Truffle

and countless more. Several local and international companies are offering flavored popcorns in custom popcorn printed boxes. These boxes include popped and unpopped kernels. Kernels can be made in a kettle or microwave. Retails offering popcorns at movie theatres know about the preferences of their customers and provide flavors accordingly. Many companies have started using cardboard-based custom popcorn printed boxes that have handles. It allows their customers to carry the popcorns easily. These boxes are made from stocks that are sturdy and lightweight. Most companies opt for food-grade stocks for their custom popcorn packaging boxes.

What is printed on custom popcorn printed boxes?

The information on these boxes is relevant to the product inside. The customers must go through this information so that they have a clear idea about;

  1. Net weight
  2. Marketing retail price
  3. Ingredients
  4. Flavor
  5. Cooking instructions
  6. Preservatives used
  7. Company information
  8. Expiry date etc.
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Sometimes I wonder if people know that popcorn is the official snack of Illinois. During the ancient days when kettles and microwaves were not invented, people used to heat sand in a fire. They used this heated sand to roast kernel in them to make them pop. America consumes the most popcorn in all maize types including;

Dent corn

  • Flint corn
  • Flour corn
  • Pod corn
  • Popcorn
  • Sweet corn

The kernels come in;

  1. Rice
  2. Pearl
  3. South American

All of them explode and create a flake when heated.

Types of popcorn packaging boxes

There are various brands, which are offering popcorns to their customers. Some offer freshly popped kernels in their custom popcorn packaging boxes. Other companies package the unpopped kernels, in packaging boxes that individuals can cook at home. It is up to the company to use full-color or fewer colors on these boxes. All of them try to make these boxes attractive for their customers to grab their attention and boost their sales. Some companies use dispenser boxes to help their customers access SKUs of popcorns through these boxes.

The retail popcorn companies can order custom popcorn packaging boxes from print and packaging companies. The marketing company is often involved in designing these boxes to create content according to their marketing goals. ClipnBox is one such packaging company that crafts boxes according to the product requirements and marketing needs. It never runs out of ideas to give every brand’s box a unique look and identity. The boxes they craft help their clients in building a recognizable brand identity for themselves in the retail world. Experts from this company guide their clients every step of the way to ensure that they select the right color, design, and layout for their boxes and win over the competition.

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