In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office, the Serapi rug immediately gives a colorful and, above all, warm touch to your interior decoration.

But, between the materials – wool, synthetic, cotton, linen – and the different shapes – round, square, oval – it is not always easy to find the carpet that will properly complement the room.

This is why Ma Maison Mon Jardin gives you all the advice to choose your carpet!

♦ The size:

There are a good number of Serapi rugs in different sizes and shapes.

Here are some tips for not getting lost in this heap of choice and knowing how to adapt your carpet to the room in the house.

In small rooms, avoid rugs that are too large, which will tend to compact the area more. Instead, opt for a small rug in a neutral color.

On the contrary, in spacious rooms, have fun! Patterns, colors, width … all Serapi rugs will adapt to perfection.

♦ The material:

In wool, cotton, synthetic, or even linen, the rugs are available in materials as diverse as they are numerous. How do choose the most suitable?

There are 2 types of materials:

⇔ Natural materials: wool or leather, for example. Comfortable and cozy, these rugs are generally quite expensive and their price may turn some people off.

You can also consider a bamboo mat. Ideal for an entrance, it gives a natural and original side to your interior.

Finally, cotton can be chosen for a bathroom, to keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower – and, incidentally, you avoid breaking your face on the soaked tiles!

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⇔ Synthetic materials: polypropylene, acrylic, or polyester are the best allies to let your creativity and your desires speak for themselves.

They adapt to the slightest constraint: water, dirt, dust … Easy to maintain and at reduced prices, Serapi rugs designed in these materials are preferred for thin purses.

The whole point is that your carpet pleases you, whether it is soft, cozy, and comfortable, or aesthetic, design and uncluttered!

♦ The trend:

Modern, ethical, graphic, colorful or shaggy… there is something for everyone. Obviously, we advise you to avoid patterns that are too kitsch, bland or, conversely, a little too original.

It is ideal to adapt the Handmade rug to your interior decoration so that it can blend in perfectly with the elements of the room. The carpet must attract the eye, but also know how to be forgotten and not to shade the rest of your furniture.

♦ The interview:

Stains, dust, mites: your carpet sees all the colors. So as not to let it suffer the ravages of time, a few cleaning tips just for you!

Vacuum regularly with a small brush to remove dust. Be careful, remember to lower the suction power so as not to damage the mesh of the carpet.

To clean it gently, use soap and water. For the most fragile carpets, opt for a dry cleaning instead.

Finally, for localized stains, use absorbent powders provided for this purpose.

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