The Seemingly Innocent Move Of The Mobile Phone Shows That Your Partner May Be Cheating On You.

The Seemingly Innocent Move Of The Mobile Phone Shows That Your Partner May Be Cheating On You.

An Australian psychotherapist has warned that partners who place their phones upside down on a table may be trying to hide something like infidelity.
Melissa Ferrari, a Sydney-based couples therapist, said that while this seemingly innocent habit may be hiding something else, there are other signs that can be noticed before changing the position of the cell phone face down.

“A phone that is suddenly turned upside down after years of living with another person can be a potential alarm,” “The truth is that when the phone goes silent and is placed upside down, it means that you have probably lost a lot of signs of infidelity. One of the most important of these is when your partner starts to look abstract, he / she cares less about you, as if he / she is somewhere else “.
What else can prove that he is cheating on you?

Other notable problems to look out for would be if your partner shows less love for you and wants to do more independent things. He may also become more interested in his appearance or want less sex with you.

If the signs clearly show that he is cheating on you, the psychotherapist believes that the normal reaction would be to start spying on him, even if it means seeing his phone.

Extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison found that 56% of cheaters use their phone first and foremost when it comes to communicating with other partners. Then, 44% use email, 20% communicate on dating sites, followed by social media to 20% while 11% even have a hidden phone.

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As cell phones are the number one means of communication, it makes sense that those who cheat on their partners will try to hide incoming messages or calls from their spouse. However, some have stated that if their phone is facing down, it is because they simply put it that way and that it has no underlying significance to it.

Infidelity is one of the most difficult psychological situations we are called to manage.

Within minutes you may be upset, angry and just feel nothing.

Many of the people who have experienced the revelation of their partner’s infidelity describe this moment as the worst of their life.

Infidelity is definitely one of the most complex situations a couple can experience.

This is a case in which the trust you have in your partner is betrayed.

When someone learns that their partner has cheated on them, the first feelings they experience are those of anger, upset and frustration.

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