Quality Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Quality Legal Translation Services in Dubai

A lot of companies are now offering Dubai legal translation services, to cater the needs of their clients in the local market who have a need to translate legal documents of any kind. However, it is not uncommon for companies from countries other than Dubai to offer the service. This is because there is an intense rivalry among countries like Dubai for increasing their market share. As a result, many companies are now re-defining their remotest services to those of countries that face the same issues as Dubai does. In order to help you understand this trend further, let’s examine some of the most common legal situations that people typically encounter when using legal translators from other countries.

A contract is often the main document translated from English to Arabic. These translations are normally done to prevent lawsuits between parties who have entered into business agreements. For instance, in a divorce case, the woman can request that her husband pay her alimony based on the time she spent married to him, and the value of the property and financial contributions that he has made. If a court agrees, then the judge will order alimony to be paid by both parties.

Another scenario that often requires the use of an Arabic legal transcription service is in the case of a job vacancy. This is because most companies require a translated resume in order to place a candidate in the open position. Without the translated documents, a potential employer would have no way of determining whether or not a job applicant is qualified for the position. Likewise, a job applicant will likely be rejected if he were to present his resume/application without the necessary translation. Therefore, most companies prefer to have Arabic translation services perform this task on their behalf.

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A commercial transaction is another area that regularly requires the use of Dubai legal translation services. Take the case of a contract that is being signed between two companies: Company A and Company B. During the course of the transaction, Company A supplies Company B with certain machinery, tools, raw materials, etc., while Company B provides certain services, such as accounting and administration, and payroll. At the end of the transaction, both sides need to sign the document, making it imperative that they have an adequate copy of the documents in an acceptable format. Not only does this save time for both sides, but it ensures that both parties have an accurate, and verifiable copy of the documents.

The same scenario plays itself out between individuals and businesses as well. For example, when selling a home in Dubai, the seller must provide a copy of the deed, along with a written contract between the two parties, in both English and Arabic. Unless these documents are translated by an experienced, reputable and properly qualified legal translation company, both parties could be leaving themselves open to serious legal repercussions. As previously stated, legal translation services are most effective when they translate a written contract into an Arabic translation, followed by a verify that the parties have a copy of the contract in hand.

Another example comes to light when purchasing property in Dubai. If the resident wishes to purchase a property within the Dubai stock exchange, or a commercial property outside of Dubai, then they will require the services of a professional legal translation services company. Again, unless the documents are translated accurately, and in full compliance with local laws, both parties could be leaving themselves open to possible fines and penalties. An experienced and reputable company will translate contracts from either English or Arabic and then translate the English document back into Arabic. This ensures that all aspects of the contract, including ownership and transfer, are covered.

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When looking to hire an Arabic translation services company, or firm, it is important to ensure that they are accredited with the Dubai Ministry of Culture and Sports. This helps to ensure that the translation services are consistent with local customs, and that the translations are not inaccurate, misleading, or erroneous. It also helps to ensure that the company has the necessary licenses, certifications, and memberships required by the Dubai authorities to carry out business as they wish. These companies should also be able to provide proof of experience in the field, and proof of their translation expertise and skills. Once these companies have been checked, then it is possible to hire them for short or long periods, depending on the requirements.

The legal market in Dubai is vast and expanding every year. As a result, the number of native English speakers in Dubai increases every year. Many young people hope to take advantage of the booming real estate market to buy property abroad, or to relocate to Dubai. However, securing a contract while completing the legal procedure in Dubai can be very time-consuming, and many residents of Dubai prefer to hire an experienced, reputable, Arabic legal translation services company in order to speed up the process. In the case of a dispute, the outcome will be very clear, and any discrepancies can be easily reconciled, if the translation services in question are accredited by the appropriate authorities.

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