Make Your Bathroom a Modern Space with Double Ended Shower Bath

Make Your Bathroom a Modern Space with Double Ended Shower Bath

Bathtubs are becoming a vital part of any contemporary bathroom. It gives a modern and practical feature to any space. Installing the double ended shower bath can be a step further in adding to its usefulness because it’s much more spacious and provides enough room for you to enjoy a relaxing bath. They are also superior to the showers as you are more relaxed while taking a bath. Following this article, you will explore some of the critical aspects of installing the double-ended shower bath in your washroom.

What is Double Ended Shower Bath?

A double ended shower bath is a type of bathtub with two distinctive qualities. The first one is that it is double ended means it has a slopy edge on both sides, which allows to use it from both ends. You can use both sides to lay down inside the bath while it provides comfortable space to cushion your arms and shoulders. The second characteristics are that it is a shower bath. That refers to a specific type of bathtub which has dual functionalities like bath and shower in a single unit. It allows saving both space and money. For this purpose, the one end of such a bath becomes a shower. It may be a straight side or any wider end giving such tub any alphabet-like shapes like p or I. 

Why You Need a Double Ended Shower Bath?

While there are various types and shapes of bathtubs exists. This type is great for addition for many reasons. The first is that no everyone can enjoy both shower and a bath at the same time due to the limitation of space. It is because installing a separate bath and a shower will require a lot of space and money. Such a shower bath makes it possible for anyone to enjoy both without much additional cost. Not only is it a highly functional solution, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing as well. 

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Expected Benefits of Double Ended Shower Bath        

You can expect the following benefits by installing double ended shower bath.

  • Elegant Looks: The modern double-ended shower bath is built in eye-catching designs and provides an elegant look to the bathroom. The double-sided slopes are attractive and best suitable to give a luxurious look to the overall washroom design. Not only do they provide an appealing image, but they also add up to the value of your shower area. These increase the value of your home.
  • Spacious Shower Experience: Unlike standard bathtubs, the double-ended ones are considerably bigger and better. They have enough room to fit every size of users. More space lets you bath easily instead of bumping into shower screens and thin bathtubs walls. These bath panels are comparatively broader and more profound, too, providing an incredible bathing experience. For consumers who prefer comfort and luxury over space-saving designs, these bathtubs are good for them.
  • Suitable for medium and large bathrooms: If you are lucky enough to have a more oversized washroom, you must install double-ended shower baths. They are perfect to be installed in large bathrooms and contribute to filling up the vast washroom space with perfect sanitary. It won’t be wrong to say that these bathtubs are the center of attraction for large bathrooms.
  • Perfect For Bathing Children: When you are the parents of more than one child, it can be truly understood how difficult it is to manage them. Bathing all children turn by turn could take hours. Here, the double-ended bathtubs solve the problem. Their spacious area lets you bathe every child simultaneously. It saves your precious time and allows the kids to enjoy playing in the water together. The only point of concern here is not leaving your child alone due to its deep design.
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Need a Double Ended Shower Bath?: In this article, we have a discussion about the Double Ended Shower Bath. It can be a great addition if you want a highly practical solution to your family bathroom. Although there does not cost more than their counterparts, you will need a shower screen to prevent water splashes. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we offer high-quality and latest design fittings and fixtures at lower prices.

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