How do I Choose a Perfect Rug For my Bedroom?

How do I Choose a Perfect Rug For my Bedroom?

Round, tangy, square, cotton, woven, or printed … You will be spoiled for choice among the many models of rugs. So what type of rug should you choose to make your bedroom a real cozy nest? Location, shape, color palette: we give you all the tips to shake up the decor of your room without missteps.

A Large Decorative Rug for Your Bedroom

Scandinavian rug, bedside rug, rectangular or round … Whatever the decorative style of your Oushak rug in the bedroom, be sure to take into account the dimensions and layout of your room. Of course, paying attention to the location of your furniture. For example, we think above all of testing the opening and closing of the bedroom door to avoid any missteps. If you also want to place your rug under your furniture, either under your bedside table or under the bed, make sure you extend it at least two feet. If your room is already full and you can no longer push back the walls, you will, unfortunately, have to forget the cozy XXL rug you had in mind (sorry). The trick here is to bet on two small bed rails on each side to enjoy them as soon as you wake up, without overloading your room.

Personalize your cocoon by playing with the shapes and sizes of the rugs!

A Choice Color Palette for the Bedroom Rug

To make a flawless level of the color palette of your carpet for the bedroom, you have carte blanche (or almost). Of course, try to respect the nuances of colors and the decorative style of your room. However, there are a few tips to help you in your choice … Opt for example for light colors if you have a small room in order to have the impression of a larger space. Pastel colors will also help you create a restful cocoon. If, on the contrary, your bedroom decor has neutral tones, shake it up with a patchwork of carpets with acid prints. Be careful, however, not to overdo it!

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The bedroom Oushak rug is the perfect element to bring color to the room.

The Extra Touch with a Decorative Rug in the Bedroom

The choice of carpet in the bedroom will undoubtedly add the finishing touch to your decor. This is why it is important to visualize the atmosphere you want to bring to this room. Here are some ideas to test. opt for a bedroom Oushak rugs with fringes or with a coloured border to bring a cocooning style to your room, the sheepskin effect rugs will also add a cozy touch in the Scandinavian spirit. If you want to add character and character to the bedroom, in one word: kilims. These bohemian-style embroidered rugs will bring an ethnic effect to the room, ideal if you want to shake up your decor with a simple accessory. To have a chic and modern decor in the bedroom, we think of the acidulous graphic rugs. Perfect for adding contrast to your room without overdoing it.

Fringes or a soft finish will make your room more cocooning!

A tailor-made location for your bedroom rug

The size of your rug is essential in the bedroom, but so is the choice of its location. Under the bedside table, under the bed, on each side of the bed or under the dresser … How to choose? If the classic layout wants you to position your bedroom rug or bed companionway on each side, the trend of the large rug protruding from the bed is emerging (enough to forget your slippers). Be careful, however, not to choose a rug that is too large which will have the effect of shrinking your room. If you have the idea of placing your pretty bedroom rug in front of the end of the bed, we do not recommend it because it will compartmentalize the space of your room, and your toes will not be able to enjoy it when you wake up!


The rug placed halfway under the bed for an original and aesthetic rendering.

The Choice of the Material of the Carpet in the Room

Cotton, wool, synthetic materials … Don’t skimp on the choice of material for your carpet in the bedroom if you want to create a cozy little nest. So of course your choice of bedroom rug will also be motivated by its cost, but think about its duration. Quality natural materials like wool rugs are an investment but they will last longer. If, however, you do not want to worry about the maintenance of your carpet, choose very resistant synthetic materials (an advantage if you like to have breakfast in bed from time to time or if you have your dressing table full of aquilege a stone’s throw away).

An original Pictorial carpet to mark the location of the sleeping area.

What Shapes for a Rug in the Bedroom?

If you are hesitating between the round rug for sale that catches your eye or the round printed rug for the bedroom, we may have the solution. Opt for rounded or fringed rugs if you want to bring softness to the room and enjoy a warm and relaxing atmosphere. If a little something is missing in the bedroom, opt for angular shapes for your rug, which will bring character to the room. You are free to play with the colors to bring contrast to the whole. And for the little ones, everything is allowed in the matter of rugs: geometric shapes, rounded shapes, flowers, patterns … All means are good to give free rein to their imagination.

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