Custom magnetic closure boxes make your products exciting

Custom magnetic closure boxes make your products exciting

Custom magnetic closure boxes are premium packaging boxes crafted from the strongest stocks. There are countless print and packaging companies in America offering beautiful and highly functional custom magnetic closure boxes for their clients. I remember buying a necklace for myself that came in this kind of packaging. It has been five years, and I still store my necklace in this box. It keeps my jewelry safe from humidity and other damaging factors. My son did drop this box a couple of times in his terrible twos. But the necklace and the box have remained safe. It still sits on my counter with a few other everyday jewelry items that I love to wear and shines like the day I brought it. The two clasps of opposite magnetic poles are attached to the lid and the side of the box. It helps the box close automatically.

Printed magnetic closure boxes as gift boxes

People around the world exchange gifts with each other on various occasions. I love giving gifts to my loved ones and friends during the holiday season. Apart from family, it is the time to show one’s friends like family how much they matter. Humans need appreciation in some form. They need support and love, and nothing expresses it better than gifts. Because of this reason, items like chocolates, mugs, cosmetics, perfumes are packed in printed magnetic closure boxes. Brands realize that perfection in packaging is the need of the hour during the holiday season. The same goes for events like Valentine’s Day and thus, provides their star products in premium packaging options for the ease of customers. These premium boxes distinguished looks are a result of;

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Premium printing techniques

  1. Inventive and quirky layouts of boxes
  2. Textured and superior selection of material
  3. Exclusive visual content
  4. Luxurious add-ons, etc.

Magnetic closure packaging boxes appearance and uses 

These boxes are sturdy and have a solid framework. They are given a uniform exterior appearance by layering it with heavy-duty paper. Sometimes materials like;

  1. Fabric
  2. Leather
  3. Suede
  4. Wood
  5. Velvet, etc.

is also used on these boxes. The selection of this material depends on client preference. The design, themes, and layout of the box are also taken into consideration when selecting these boxes. The Interior of the magnetic closure packaging boxes is layered with white paper. The inserts and separators used are covered with the material selection cited above. Packaging boxes like this one augments the value of the brand and its products in the customer’ minds. Satin fabric in contrasting or same shades is placed inside the boxes on which the product is kept.

Some companies add more than one product to these boxes. Most premium candles packed in these boxes come with;

  1. Diffusers
  2. Candle snuffers
  3. Essential oil sets
  4. Other candle variants, etc.

when packed in these boxes. The jewelry brands love giving their items a luxury appeal using these boxes. These use props like the mini cushion to place their items. They also use add-ons like window-patching, which allow customers to look at the display of jewelry items without touching the box.

Custom magnetic closure boxes for small and medium businesses

Manufacturers of magnetic closure boxes in USA suggest their small and medium-sized clients to market their limited but best-selling products using custom magnetic closure boxesIt will help them compete with the big names of the industry fairly. Every business entity wants its products to thrive so that it can reap monetary gains. ClipnBox is helping its clients gain from the best of custom packaging boxes and offers countless customization options at reasonable rates.

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