Best ways to stop getting erections easily

Best ways to stop getting erections easily

Penile erection is a positive sign since it indicates that genital functions are normal and healthy. However, it is a cause for concern if it happens spontaneously and unwittingly in inappropriate social situations. It is very normal for men to have accidental erections in their daily lives. When people around you notice it, it may disrupt your social aura and self-image. Furthermore, it can be a source of office gossip for young people. As a result, it’s important and try to regulate blood flow and stop getting them too quickly. Ejaculation is a simple way to overcome an erection, but it is rarely possible because an erection does not always achieve orgasm.

There are three types of erections, according to science: reflexogenic (in response to touch), psychogenic (in response to arousal thoughts), and nocturnal (during asleep).

The following are the best ways to stop and avoid having unwanted erections:


During an erection, one must divert their mind away from arousing thoughts and towards something else. The mind’s concentration is immediately redirected to keep it occupied with serious thoughts, such as a difficult case, a mathematical problem, or some scientific truth.

Shifting positions

Clothing or posture will also physically stimulate the genitals. In such situations, one must adjust his posture and clothing to ensure that the genitals are relaxed. Striking the inner aspects of the thighs will stimulate the genitals and trigger an arousal reflex, so wearing comfortable clothing is essential. The hands may also be inserted into the pockets of the trousers and the penis gently repositioned to hide the erection. It is appropriate to cross one’s legs while sitting.

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It’s not always possible to divert your attention to something else. However, exercise is a healthy way to do so. Spending 30 minutes at home doing exercise and focusing on your progress will help.

Cold Shower

A cold water shower can help to get rid of erections whenever possible. This helps to refresh both the mind and the body. However, arousal can occur in the shower for some people, so be careful. Stopping the erection with a warm bath is another choice.


Some medicines that contain the active ingredient sildenafil citrate can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. You can take one sachet of Tadacip 20 without water to help you ejaculation prematurely. You should also try Super Vidalista, a generic sildenafil tablet available at a secure MYEDSTORE pharmacy.


Easy, validated methods such as mental distraction, posture shifting, meditation, cold showers, and maintaining composure and patience can all be used to monitor and prevent unwanted erections. However, if the erection lasts more than 4 hours or is accompanied by discomfort, you should see a doctor. This is known as priapism, and it requires medical attention.

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