7 Common Roofing Defects And How To Prevent Them

7 Common Roofing Defects And How To Prevent Them

The roof is that aspect of the structure other than walls that provides safety to the structure and people staying in it. The roof is the most exposed area during rains mostly flat roofs where water accumulation can cause serious issues.

However, waterlogging is not only an issue that any roof can face. There are many other problems, that can cause a week roof and thus causing that particular structure to be weak. While building any structure roof is the last one to be built, the Roofing Services in Tonbridge take every precaution while building a roof, however, some roofing defects may occur over time.

As the roof is the most upward part of the house, it is obvious that it is maximum exposed to environmental hazards. Over a period of time roof may get week due to this continuous exposure, and here is where Roofing Repair Services play a vital role.

These roof repairing services not only detect the fault in the roof but also repair it as well as prevent these roofing defects. While building a new roof one can hire such services so that they can point out the defect and prevent the same. By all this process one will land up with a strong and leak-proof roof.

In this article, seven common roofing defects are mentioned along with the ideas of preventing them. Once the roofing defects are prevented from happenings, one will not have to repair the roof every now and then.

The ill effect of weather on the roof: as the roof is the topmost area of the house it is most exposed hence weather can have all sorts of ill effects on the roof.

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Prevention: it is better to inspect the roof twice a year but mainly after any heavy environmental issue.

Wrong designing: many house owners may insist upon some particular design that may not be suitable. Causing damage to the existing roof.

Prevention: select the design depending on the overall environment. If a certain area has heavy rains or snowfall sloping roofs are the best.

Wrong selection of roof covering: roof as to look beautiful no doubt, but along with good looks roof must also carry on its main duty and that is the security of the structure and safety of the people living in it.

Prevention: select the roof topping depending on the weather.

Improper roof drainage: there are small pipes attached to the roofs that help in draining out the water. If their drainage pipes are not attached with a proper slope they can be useless.

Prevention: during the attachment of the drainage pipes see that they have a proper holding capacity. Also, the slop needs to be perfect.

Over installation of various equipment’s on the roof: some enthusiastic house owners can end up installing several appliances or tools on the roof like solar panels, dish antennas, etc.

Preventions: while installing any tool on the roof see that it is not causing any harm to the structure of the roof.

Improper outlets on the roof: small holes for letting the water accumulated fall off the are outlets, choking of which may lead to waterlogging.

Prevention: see that the outlets are regularly cleaned.

Unmaintained roof: Right from a crack on the roof due to falling of tree branches due to heavy winds to accumulation of water or snow due to heavy rain or snowfall.

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Prevention: inspection and maintenance of the roof once a year is a must.

Other than the above points the roof itself needs to have proper ventilation. Only then will you achieve a long lasting roof.

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