12 tips to be safe on the farms while using agriculture machinery and equipment

12 tips to be safe on the farms while using agriculture machinery and equipment

It is vital to ensure complete safety when operating your farming equipment. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, you must follow the safety precautions, and that’s why we are going to share valuable tips in this post.

As farming implements are one of the top reasons for agriculture-related injuries, so you should remember that safety on the farms means- properly working equipment plus skillful, careful operators.

We all know that functional implements are vital to safety; most agriculture-related accidents happen because of inattentive, inexperienced, and tired tool operators.

# Agriculture implement safety tips

Always keep the following tips in mind while operating farming implements and machinery to prevent any accidents:

#1 Follow the instructions provided on your equipment manual

The Farm Implement Manufacturers provide thorough tips that the owners must follow while using it. Even if you have replaced your old equipment/machinery, it might work differently than the previous one that you owned. You will be safe if you comply with the provided directions.

#2 Ensure you’re not tired while operating

If you feel overtired, then it is highly suggested to avoid operating machinery as it can be hazardous. Always ensure that you are well-rested and also take breaks from the work.

#3 Say ‘NO’ to alcohol

It is best to avoid consuming alcohol before or during the time of operating farm equipment. Even a small amount of alcoholic beverages can affect your operational capabilities.

#4 Pay undivided attention

Operating agriculture machinery requires undivided attention, so always ensure that you focus properly on your task.

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#5 Ensure that there are no animals and children in your working area

Always make sure that there are no kids or animals on the farms. Otherwise, you might have to face harmful situations, and always pay attention to the surroundings so that no stray animals come your way all of a sudden.

#6 Don’t let anyone use machinery without confirming their skills

Do not allow anyone to use your agriculture machinery to your family members or acquaintances until and unless you are sure about their skills. If they are not properly trained, it can lead to a major accident.

#7 Proper clothing matters

One of the top tips for equipment safety is to wear protective clothing while operating. Do not wear baggy or loose clothes and also ensure that the shoestrings are not open. Otherwise, they might get caught in the parts of equipment and lead to injuries.

#8 Do not allow others to ride on the equipment

The farming machinery is meant to perform specific tasks on the farms, and hence you should not allow anyone to ride on it except the operator. There is usually limited space for one person who operates it, and others can fall off it.

#9 Proper maintenance

Maintaining all your agriculture equipment or machinery is one of the essential things to avoid any mishappenings on the farms. For instance, if a screw is loose or any other part is damaged, it can cause accidents.

#10 Safety guards

Safety guards are always required while operating agriculture machinery so that you are safe from injuries.

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#11 Avoid DIY fixes

If any part of your farm machinery gets jammed, it is suggested not to try the DIY fixes that you find on the internet. They can work temporarily but can be extremely hazardous in the long run. Always get the issues fixed by the professionals only.

#12 Ensure attaching equipment properly

Always pay attention while attaching the implements to the tractor. An improper attachment will certainly cause issues. Use the instructions provided by the Tractor implement manufacturers while attaching them to your tractors.

So, these were our important tips that will help you stay safe while you perform your farming tasks using the tractors and implements. Happy farming!

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